Toms River Flood Study Will Show Roads In Need

Flooding doesn’t just stop at the streets, but comes up on private property. (Photo courtesy Toms River Township)

  TOMS RIVER – A study will be done to determine which roads in town flood the most and what can be done about it.

  At a recent Township Council meeting, a contract was awarded to CME Associates to conduct a Roadway Elevation Study for an amount not to exceed $100,000.

  Mayor Daniel Rodrick said that there were 20 roads listed by the prior administration that had a 10 year timeline.

  “I thought that was too long,” he said. This study will prioritize them and get them all done during his first term.


  During the meeting, a resident living on Tunney Terrace on the barrier island said they didn’t want the roads to be higher because that causes flooding in homes. The water needs to go somewhere, and sometimes raising a road causes the water to pool in yards and seep into houses.

  Rodrick said that’s part of the study.