Jersey Shore Heat Wave Prompts Water Conservation Methods

TOMS RIVER – Veolia North America (VNA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Veolia group, is urging customers to conserve water and cut back on outdoor usage during the current heat wave.

“We were able to meet our customers’ water needs over the last couple of days, however, because of the continuing heat advisory and the National Weather Service’s prediction of temperatures expected to reach into the mid to high 90’s in the days ahead, we are urging our customers to use water wisely,” said Jim Mastrokalos, Senior Director of Operations.

Mastrokalos added that based on weather forecasts and to ensure that the company can meet all demands, customers are advised to conserve water and to limit outdoor watering.

“Reducing outdoor water usage and more specifically, lawn watering, as well as cutting back on the use of water to clean paved surfaces, such as streets, roads, sidewalks, driveways, garages, parking areas and patios will help meet heavy demand,” Mastrokalos said.


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